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My First Blog...'Everyone Has to Start Somewhere'


Creating my first blog and thought what better way to start is to tell how I started myself as wedding photographer.

If I asked myself 5 years ago could I see photography as my career? No way! Especially wedding photography. It was never my intention. As weird as it sounds, it kind of just happened!

Where it began.

I started out with my first camera in December 2017 as Christmas present from my parents - a Nikon D5300 DSLR and a kit lens. Queue 12 months of me photographing everything, everyone and anything, editing on my iPhone using the Lightroom app and Instagram (cringing at the thought of that still!).

Through a friend referral, my first wedding came about in April 2019. I'll always recall the phonecall with the bride saying to me 'everyone has to start somewhere'. A sentence that started the ball rolling to become a full-time wedding photographer. Long story, short - the couple were amazing, the wedding was amazing and I was hooked on photography on a different level after that day. I remember driving home after that wedding and thought 'how can I go back to my day job again?!'. I even won a Wedisson award for my first ever wedding with this picture!

As I write and reflect on the whole thing, I find it very humbling being honest! From my first five weddings in 2019 jumping to what was supposed to be a pretty much booked out 2020 (well, that was the plan...thanks Covid🙄). 2020 - Not the best of timings for a jump into a career in wedding photography, but that's a whole other blog post! It's surreal to think how things can progress so quick. Some of it down to luck, some down to great advice from some fantastic Cork photographers and lots of hard work and time. I'll always be forever grateful to those couples who took the chance on me when I started 📸.

Where it's going.

Looking forward to completely booked out 2022 and an almost booked out 2023 so far, it is beyond busy and all positive times ahead. To date, 14 International Wedisson Awards and a filled wedding diary with amazing clients. It is beyond what I could have ever thought I could do. I only hope to build and develop my photography and business for the future.

For my first blog, it's most definitely a personal reflection. It's good to look back but more importantly to look forward to all the amazing weddings and new couples to come over the next few years. As 2021 draws to a close and some uncertainties surround Covid and the winter months ahead, we keep the glass half full and look forward to an amazing 2022 ansd 2023. Here's to the future. Stay safe.


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